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The mindset of your team is the key to financial success.
Yet poor mental wellbeing costs businesses £2,227 per employee per year -
can you afford not to rethink?


Disruption barely hints at the impact of Covid-19. Financial performance, employee performance and a sense of purpose are the holy grail. Yet instead, poor mental wellbeing costs businesses £2,227 per employee per year – and that was before the crisis.

The way we run companies is outdated. We’ve been missing an opportunity to evolve for a long time; now it may threaten the very survival of our business.

But there is a new way. A people-centred way that is advancing us to the next stage in the world of work. By harnessing something often overlooked – the power of psychology to unleash human potential.

It won’t happen overnight, but it is possible. How?

Start with the basics

Psychology helps businesses. Membership of The Circle Line brings you the practitioners, the expertise and the platform to harness it.

Your business depends on your people. When your teams are functioning at their optimum and find meaning in their work, they are more productive and more innovative – improving everything from the talent you attract, the customers you satisfy to your resulting profitability. (McKinsey, Deloitte, Barrett Values Centre).

What if you focussed on developing them to their full personal potential, allowing them power and giving them purpose?

That’s where we come in. Membership gives you:

We bolster this crucial core support with:

Then, go deeper

The brave want to learn more, do more, go further… To integrate our egos. To go beyond hierarchy. To a workplace where power is decentralised, people are whole and purpose is embedded in each of them.

Even before Covid, many believed the collapse of the systems and ways of relating upon which “business as usual” is based is probably inevitable. They want to make their organisation more agile, more innovative and more resilient — to look at how decisions are made, work gets done, and power is distributed. It’s called “going Teal”.

Our integral one-year programme helps take you there. It incorporates all the benefits of membership plus more:

We believe in evidence – so we measure impact on 4 scales at the start and end of the programme. And we believe in sharing – so we produce a white paper featuring all our members to publicly share our results.

Having us is like having an HR leader, who is also a Teal coach, and a mental health practitioner, and a self-development platform – all rolled into one.

The Circle Line gives our people a thoughtfully created experience. Alex Duell, Cutover
Very happy about this partnership with people with great hearts and top expertise. James Ski, Sales Confidence
A fantastic platform of enormous benefit to our employees Claire Birch, The Communication Store
Thank you, The Circle Line. We're so glad to have found you. Lewis Quinn, Grain
These guys are great to have Craig Wills, Hi Mum Said Dad


We understand brands. We understand people. And from decades of experience in the corporate world from City law to the creative industries – we understand business. Bringing the three together is dynamite – and it means we attract and retain the best practitioners to work with you from the inside. As equal partners we bring you a single integrated partnership, providing deep and sustainable self-development for your most precious asset: your workforce.

We focus on a psychological model called Transactional Analysis – described as “the highest quality information and expertise available today” – because research shows it works. This is an internationally recognised training that is theoretically sound, rigorous and highly effective.

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