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Your business depends
on your people

Yet poor mental wellbeing costs businesses £2,277 per employee per year.
Can you afford not to rethink?


A thriving business requires thriving people – yet poor mental wellbeing is costing businesses £2,277 per employee per year – and that was before Corona.

Psychology is the invisible force at play in your business. Mindset and wellbeing can propel you to success, or cause all sorts of issues…

Psychology helps businesses

We use psychology to help businesses unlock employee potential with our unique programme, platform and practitioners.

When your teams are functioning at their optimum they are more productive and more innovative – improving everything from the talent you attract, the customers you satisfy, to your resulting profitability (McKinsey, Deloitte, Barrett Values Centre).

We help you do this in three key ways…

Our Programme

We aim to help you work better together.

Our 12 module interactive multi-media course covers the psychological building blocks of personality and relationships. Based on 60 years of empirical evidence, this insight will help your team:

Why invest in your people?

Even before Covid, many believed the demise of the ways of relating on which “business as usual” is based is probably inevitable.

Now, it’s imperative that your organisation is more agile, more innovative and more resilient. This means your people need to be.

Why invest in your people now?

1 in 3 sick notes relate to mental health The NHS Digital Report 2017
60% of employees have experienced mental health issues due to work BITC Mental Health at Work Report 2017
Sick notes for mental health problems are issued for longer periods of time than for physical illness. The NHS Digital Report 2017


We bring you a single integrated partnership, providing deep and sustainable self-development for your workforce.

What we do is underpinned by internationally recognised psychological model Transactional Analysis. Described as “the highest quality information and expertise available today”, it’s theoretically sound, rigorous and highly effective.

The Circle Line gives our people a thoughtfully created experience. Alex Duell, Cutover
Very happy about this partnership with people with great hearts and top expertise. James Ski, Sales Confidence
A fantastic platform of enormous benefit to our employees Claire Birch, The Communication Store
Thank you, The Circle Line. We're so glad to have found you. Lewis Quinn, Grain
These guys are great to have Craig Wills, Hi Mum Said Dad

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