The Circle Line

The client's

People tell us they want a new way to access therapy.
Join our community of forward-thinking practitioners and give them just that.


Join us and expand your practice

Clients tell us of the difficulties they experience accessing psychological support. We listened. Our platform offers an innovative, easy to use and flexible alternative.

If you’re looking to expand your practice, offer different ways of accessing therapy or coaching and to benefit from a modern, collaborative and creative network – join us. We’re always open to forward-thinking practitioners who are curious about cutting edge developments in mental health and self-development and want to explore new ways to provide effective support.

How it works

Keep your calendar up to date with your latest availability – this is crucial for the system to work

What will it cost me?

The Circle Line is free to join.

We do the marketing, reach the clients and introduce them to you. We operate by sharing a portion of the client’s payment to fund the costs of running the platform – and pass the rest on to you.

And that’s it.

For every voice or video session you do, you receive:
£40 for each 50 minute session
£20 for each 50 minute introduction

What's in it for me?

The Concrete Benefits

The Social Benefits

About us

We’re a small team of individuals working in London with a passion for understanding and accepting ourselves and helping others do the same.

My name is Pip and I started The Circle Line. When I was 17 my sister was hospitalised and “diagnosed” with bipolar disorder. We were a single-parent family of three and it shook our world. One marriage, one divorce, three careers, one breakdown and five therapists later… and I thought if I can help some people also work on their mental wellbeing, then that is a Good Thing.

Via a psychology degree, a career as a lawyer and a (longer) career in marketing, I saw that professional self-development support isn’t as easy to understand or access as it could be – The Circle Line is my way of trying to address this.

I hope you’ll join us on the journey.

The Circle Line is launching soon! Sign up now and we'll be in touch when we're fully working