The Circle Line

Our Principles and Policies

We will always aim to be fair and consistent. Our principles mean a lot to us.
Our policies exist so you know what to expect.


Being fair to our customers is core to our principles. If a situation happens that is not mentioned here, we will work with you to resolve it. We only create policies to ensure clarity and fairness for things that repeatedly happen.

For our Clients


Because we are a place to work on yourself, to empower yourself, to take care of yourself, we want you to act and uphold the commitment you’re making to yourself. Therefore, we offer the flexibility to schedule one session at a time or to make the choice to book as many as you want to commit to.

There’s no commitment beyond what you choose to make. It’s in your control.


Because we respect our therapists’ time, we think it’s only fair to pay them if a session is cancelled on short notice. Therefore, we only offer refunds for cancellations if notified to us more than 48 hours before your scheduled session.


Because we know life happens, we’re here to help. You can move your session once free of charge as long as you give your therapist at least 48 hours notice.

Here are some tips to help you protect your time: 

  • Block off the time in your work calendar, so you can’t be booked during your session. 
  • Let people know in advance: this is an appointment for you to get what you need. In turn, others will benefit – your employer, your friends, your family and your society. 

If you absolutely must reschedule less than 48 hours before your appointment, email us or hit the blue button and we’ll make the change at no charge if your therapist has availability in the same week AND accepts the proposed time. This is at their discretion. If they do not have an appointment available in the same calendar week, this will be subject to our cancellation policy.

Data Privacy

Because we respect your privacy, we do not collect any data from your sessions. What is said in a session, stays in a session.

We don’t monitor or record your conversations; we don’t ask therapists to share their notes; we don’t get any information that you don’t choose to share with us.

For our Therapists


We want to support our clients and our therapists in whatever way works best for them. Therefore, we place no expectations on therapists for how much availability to maintain on our platform. We’d love it if you decide to run your practice through us, but we’d be equally as thrilled to help you supplement your work with the hours that work best for you.

Governing Body & Supervision

Because we want to maintain quality and professionalism and want to do what we can to keep clients safe, we request that every therapist on our platform is governed by a recognised code of ethics. We require all therapists to be registered or accredited members of at least one formal psychotherapy or counselling body, and to have a professional supervisor.


Because we always want clients to feel loved and cared for, if you absolutely need to reschedule, we will do what we can to help. Please propose an alternate time within the same calendar week. 

Email us at [email protected] to make the change.

For all our customers

Technology Issues

Because we respect our therapists’ time, and we respect our clients’ commitment to themselves, we want to ensure all the technology is working before your first session. Therefore, we provide an in-app test you can run before the session to make sure all systems are go. 

On top of that, we get to know each therapist and test out the Therapy Room together before their session slots are available for booking.

Feedback & Complaints

Feedback helps us to grow and to improve. We would love to hear from you – the good, the bad, the ugly. If you have feedback or complaints about us, please reach out to us at [email protected]. We promise to listen and grow from it. 

If you have feedback or complaints about your therapist, please reach out to both us and their accrediting body (such as BACP, NCS, etc.). We’ll work with you to resolve your concern, do what we can our end, and to determine the appropriate next steps. Therapists are governed by their accrediting body’s ethical framework, and the body has the power to investigate conduct and take the appropriate actions.

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