The Circle Line

Creating your wellbeing strategy

Mental health is important. Self-development is helpful. Emotional regulation is good… So how do you form an effective wellbeing strategy?

How do these underpin a thriving team day-to-day?

Feeling secure in our selves, our value and our role in the organisation underpins a strong and effective wellbeing strategy.


Our belief is that a good level of self-awareness and emotional regulation helps business; it helps us make decisions for the right reasons, it helps minimise our egos, it helps us create thriving teams and collaborative relationships, sustain high performance, and know when to rest.

Our Approach

At The Circle Line we help develop better psychological performance in your business, from the top-down (HR, leadership) as well as the bottom-up (individual support and self-development), by focussing on 4 key areas :

The importance of listening

If we don’t try to gauge the mental health of our team, how do we know how fulfilled or stressed they are, or if they’re going through divorce/family/health issues/[enter any personal situation that may affect their work]? If we don’t know what’s going on with them, both personally and professionally, how can we understand and support?

And talking

Make self-development ok. Give the subject visibility. Be open about it. Encourage introspection. Encourage honest expression. If we aren’t open, how can we hope to learn?

“Provide a crisis line, for sure, but also a work culture where openness and self-awareness is the norm”

The Power of Information

Understanding some of the basic building blocks of our psychological make-up can be hugely powerful. When team members start to understand group dynamics, as well as their own working style, we can become more tolerant, collaboration becomes easier, work relationships more productive, as well as more pleasant.

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”
― Nelson Mandela

We offer workshops to help reveal what makes us tick, as individuals as well as teams. These focus on some core aspects of personal performance and usually a focus on one of either communication, leadership, teamwork or personal potential.

Personal attention is key

The key to releasing our potential is pinpointing and changing our barriers. Therapy can boost your team further when they’re on a high, as well as bolster them when they’re going through a low. Therapy supports as well as challenges, and everyone needs regular unbiased support in their lives. Give your team some.

A tall order? We hope not. At The Circle Line we bring this approach to businesses together with the professional resources to deliver it. And this is also what we try to live and breathe, to practice what we preach… It seems to be working so far. We’d love to discuss what’s working in your company to support an open attitude to self-development and positive engagement with our mental health – and how we might help.

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