The Circle Line

About Us

We’re a team of individuals working in London with a passion
for understanding and accepting ourselves and helping others do the same.


Why We Exist

We exist to help people be ok.

We believe that changing ourselves is the way to change the world.

The world is made up of societies, which are made up of individuals. We make up the rules. The most effective way – the only way – to change the world is to change ourselves.

When we believe in, trust and respect ourselves we do exactly the same to others.

When we feel fundamentally ok, we know others are equally OK. Ok-ness means knowing we all have equal value, autonomy and power to think for ourselves.

Although really, we don’t need to “change” ourselves. Because there is nothing wrong with us.

We are all born ok. Different, sure, but ok. When we realise that we are fundamentally ok, the world becomes fundamentally ok. We stop feeling threatened; so we stop attacking, freezing or fleeing. We stop feeling powerless; so we stop being passive or wielding control to make up for it. We stop feeling worthless; so we stop using external things to prove our worth. Instead we join minds and find solutions. We find joy. We can behave with trust and positivity. We can just be. We realise we are full of potency – and we start thriving not just surviving.

How do we get to believe in, trust and respect ourselves – to know that we are ok?

By facing and accepting all that has made you you.

How do we change the world…? One person at a time. That is how.

That is why we exist.

Our Philosophy

Our Character

Human connection is at our core: Technology connects and enhances, but it can’t replace real human connection.

Empirical approach: Everything we do is informed. We work only with qualified professionals; our Experience and Library are based on decades of psychotherapeutic research and practice – a credible, trusted foundation.

Democratic: Good mental health is for all and all mental and emotional experiences are normal. We help dispel stigmas that persist around therapy and mental health. We explain that self-development is a normal way of life, not for people who are “ill” or “need it” or who have something “wrong” with them.

  1. Accessible

    Within reach of the average working person

    Quality not luxury. No jargon. No exclusivity.

  2. Human-led

    Warm and safe

    Easy to use, easy to understand, flexible to suit you, varied to suit everyone.

  3. Personal

    Individual approach

    Because there are as many paths as there are beings in the world.

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