The Circle Line

About Us

We’re a team of individuals working in and around London and home,
with a passion for understanding and accepting ourselves
and helping others do the same.


We’ve lived, we’ve worked – in tech, sales, law, marketing, at ASOS, Dentons, Barclays to name a few – and we all have our own life stories to tell. We’ve explored them in therapy and discovered how the process of self-discovery opened up our minds and worlds. We’re where we want to be in life, at least for now, and want to help others create the life they want too.

Why We Exist

We exist to help people reach their true potential.

Mental health has been misunderstood and stigmatised for centuries. We’re working to change this – helping people develop, be well and thrive.

To change the world we must change ourselves.

The world is made up of individuals, who form groups and make up the rules. As Ghandi said, “If you want to change the world, start with yourself”.

How do we change?

Through a process of self-reflection, learning and experiencing a new way of relating.

We were all born ok and full of our unique potential. Then our experiences with people began wiring our brain into a unique blueprint.

It’s our personal blueprint that we explore in therapy, opening up more choice, more joy and more of our potential. So we start thriving, not just surviving.

How do we change the world…? One person at a time. That’s why we exist.

How We Started

“When I was a teenager a close member of my family was hospitalised in a psychiatric ward. From then on I lived in the shadow of mental health.

But it wasn’t until I went through my own life challenges that my eyes were really opened. I realised how ignorant I’d been about the mind, how little I understood. These experiences weren’t at all the medical “illnesses” I thought they were – in fact, we all have a mind just like we all have a body.

This totally changed the way I look at life, and I looked at our society and thought: “Things have to change. We need a new conversation.”

I started revisiting my psychology degree, studying the mind, training to be a psychotherapist, and along the way became convinced that we need to take the world of mental health into the 21st Century…

This was back in 2018, when relating online was not so common. I was having conversations about whether it was even possible to have a meaningful conversation via video. Of course, because of the pandemic, we now know it is.

The Corona crisis though devastating has had a few silver linings: 1) It’s helped normalise the concept and term “mental health”, 2) It’s put it firmly on the public agenda, 3) It’s made video a fully accepted medium, opening the way for more affordable professional support, and 4) We’re here just in time.”

Our Philosophy

Our Values

We are working towards B Corp Certification.

This reflects our beliefs and how we run our organisation.


At heart, this is what we are and strive to be…


  1. Democratic

    Self-development is for all

    We believe self-development is a natural and desirable way of life - and that therapy is a key tool for everyone. We help make it so. From access to insight, personal support, our "Teal" company, to mental wellbeing itself - we believe in equality.

  2. Empirical

    Everything we do is informed and aims to be effective.

    We work with dedicated and highly trained professionals and our workshops and Programme are based on decades of psychotherapeutic research and practice. We aim to lead the way in effective modern self-development.

  3. Human-led

    Human connection is key

    Technology connects and enhances, but it can’t replace real people and the human connections we all need and that shaped who we became.

  4. Accessible

    Within reach of the average working person

    We believe in quality not luxury. No jargon. No exclusivity.

  5. Personal

    We take an individual approach

    Because there are as many paths
    as there are humans in the world.

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