The Circle Line

The Circle Line Programme

Self-awareness is the key to wellbeing and unlocking your true potential.
It's where it all starts.


Ever wanted to know why your boss/sister/husband gets you quite so angry? Or why you don’t have the relationship or career you want? Or why you get so anxious? And what you might achieve if you were reaching your full potential…?

The answers lie within us. The brain is a complex system unique to each of us – it holds the answers to all these questions. Complete The Circle Line Programme to help you understand yours.

This interactive digital course is bespoke to you – helping you progress towards your optimum health, freedom and potential.

Programme contents

The Programme uses bespoke methods and multimedia formats to help you learn and apply what you learn to your own life.

How it works

  1. STEP 1


    Answer a simple set of questions focussing on your goal. This forms a commitment. It will start you on the right path, and keep you focussed and applying what you learn throughout the Programme.

  2. STEP 2

    Watch & Learn

    Watch unique video content for every chapter explaining key aspects of mental wellbeing in an easy-to-understand bite-sized format.

  3. STEP 3


    Complete a bespoke questionnaire for every chapter, enabling you to apply the theory to yourself and giving you personalised results.

  4. STEP 4


    Delve into real-life scenarios where you choose the outcome - helping you examine your choices in life with the benefit of an expert's view.

  5. A step further


    Book a private 1:1 session with a practitioner of your choice any time. Explore any aspect of your life and learnings from the Programme with an impartial expert, who really understands.

An empirical foundation

The Circle Line Programme is unique – you won’t find it anywhere else.

It’s based on Transactional Analysis – one of the cornerstones of modern psychology. Founded in the 1950s, it now has wide applications in therapeutic and organisational contexts – covering personality, relationships and behaviour to communications, teams and management. It has been studied and adopted worldwide as a highly effective form of self-development and therapeutic treatment.

Join The Circle Line Programme today to help you find more satisfaction in your self, your relationships and your work.

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