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The Book of Man x The Circle Line

Therapy modernised: because self-development is a new way of life.
Try therapy session for just £1, during May 2020 only.


Corona is making life tough. So we got our heads together with our friends at The Book of Man to offer something special, and useful – a taster therapy session for just £1.

Therapy isn’t just for the tough times though; it can help your personal development too. If you’ve never talked to a therapist before, now’s your chance to give it a try.

Then if you want to carry on, you can match, book and talk to one of our accredited therapists right here – sessions are £49, with your intro session just £25.


100 sessions for £1 each
First come, first served

Why The Circle Line?

The topic of mental health has been misunderstood and stigmatised for centuries. At The Circle Line we’re working to change that and help people discover the importance of our mental health in reaching our potential.

We make professional therapy simple, affordable and convenient. PAYG therapy at a click, with a pool of handpicked therapists we have already vetted. Match, book, pay and talk in our online therapy room. No clinical questions, no travel hassles, or price issues – just quality therapy with total confidentiality from a trustworthy team.

Allowing you to focus on what matters – you.

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