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What's My Path?


Whats My Path?

Seems like a big question. And it is. It’s us asking, what do I want to do in life, what do I want to achieve, which path should I take… Why am I here? Big questions.

Until we realise that a path is not a result: it’s a series of steps.

It starts with one baby step. When you ask yourself openly “What’s my next step?” this whole dilemma of our life’s purpose becomes much less daunting.

Because we can’t (and would we want to?) map out our entire life path in advance. That might feel safe, sure. But where’s the flexibility? For resilience has to be built into life to cope with the curveballs it inevitably throws at us.

Finding Your Path

The now famous Myers Briggs personality test can give us insight into our personality traits, and from those the suggested occupations and careers that might be suited to us. Try this link to take a free, simplified version of the test. And these guys have created an entire matrix of best careers (and relationships!) apparently suited to us based on our Myers Briggs personality “type”. Our article on personality types might also give you some insight.

Writing lists can also help. Try jotting down, quickly without thinking much:

Connecting the dots is an interesting one: as Ghandi said

“Happiness is when what you think, say and do is in harmony”.

Doing… There is no substitute. Experimenting is the best way to help us find our path. Try things. Do things. Have experiences. Reflect and learn from each one. In this way our lives and our career is one long feedback loop. 

Knowing what you want and your first step to getting it feels good. It protects and motivates us. It can allow us to achieve great things. There’s a security that comes with it. An inner satisfaction and energy. We can leave aside the time question around it (for how long will I want this? How long will it take to get it?) – and just focus on the calm fact that this thing you have decided upon is what you want now. And you’re doing it.

That is all we can ever do.

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