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Staying sane in crazy times

Whilst we are here to do more than help you through the current crisis – that it naturally top of our minds right now.

The Corona Virus is causing chaos. And we could be in this for the long haul. So awareness and prevention of the mental health impact of the Corona virus is key.

We are a nation that is worrying. About our health, about our families, the isolation, about shut down, about money. Luckily there’s someone who can personally help you through it. A therapist.

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And maybe, just maybe, with a positive attitude we can turn this time into something more positive – a time for focus, calm, rest and reflection, for personal projects and (indoor!) productivity, and an opportunity for collective growth and unity.

Join us on our Slack channel dedicated to the Hi Mum team to chat openly – and you can DM us privately for an initial session whenever you like and we’ll respond as soon as we can.

Below we’ve put together some key points to consider; because these are tricky times for sure, and a time for self-care as well as compassion:

Supporting yourself:

Supporting others:

For any other query – The Circle Line team are right here and on Slack.

And our therapists are always here and ready to talk whenever you want…

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