Stellar mental health support
for you and your team.

Find out why

Your business depends on your people.

Happy workers are 13% more productive.

1 in 3 of your fit notes will be for mental health reasons.

83% of employees are more attracted to organisations with a progressive culture. 86% are more likely to leave a job that does not support their wellbeing.

Behind every stat there's a story...

John, 43, Account Management, burnt out and angry.

John loves the intensity of client work but he’s burning out. He thinks his boss micromanages him and feels he's being stifled. He's increasingly angry, and drinking too much to relax, but doesn't know how to change things.

Jasmin, 26, Customer Care, withdrawn and anxious

She's bright, quiet and focussed. She says she’s an introvert and is fine with that. But she knows she rarely speaks in meetings.

Her manager is frustrated and tells her to contribute more. Jasmin thinks she's just “not a team player” and avoids team meetings. It’s a downward spiral. And there’s no help for her to change things.

What's this costing you?

Sick leave, reduced productivity, toxic teams, prickly behaviour with clients...

£2,646 per employee per year (Deloitte, 2022).

So how do you create a thriving team?

Do you build mental health into the fabric of your business?

Does your EAP work? How many of your staff use it? Usually, not many.

There is a solution... fit for the 21st century...

Make mindset matter... Then change it.

Join The Circle Line and see how our system of experiential training, 1:1 sessions and e-learning can change you, your team and your culture.

What we offer

Learning Membership

  • 3 webinars a year

  • Interactive platform with self-development Toolkit

  • HR & Mental Health First-Aider support

  • Monthly self-development emails & quarterly magazine

> Signposting to your existing counselling service, boosting ROI.

Growth Membership

Everything a Learning Member gets plus...

  • 1:1 counselling & coaching online on demand

  • Choice of accredited practitioners for greater efficacy and ROI

  • Practitioners personally vetted by us for your safety

  • Crisis response service

Training Membership

Bespoke experiential training for your company, Board, managers and graduates.

  • Masterclasses in emotional intelligence & team dynamics using Transactional Analysis.

  • Neuroscience-informed content for science lovers.

  • Online & in-person, in UK and international.

How's your mindset?

For a snippet of insight, select the answer that feels the best fit. Don't think about it too much... just go with the flow.

(And don't worry - your data disappears. No one's looking.)

In our partners' words

"Without the human touch that The Circle Line brings, any mental health support service becomes just an arms-length benefit that most employees don’t use. The Circle Line know how to connect and talk to our people. They normalise the subject and ensure we see real uptake and benefit from our investment.”

Gary West, CEO, CitySprint UK

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“The Circle Line really gives our people a safe space and a thoughtfully created experience.”

Alex Duell - VP People, Cutover

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"The Circle Line hosted a brilliant team session for the account management team at Spotify. Pip led an engaging, fun, and highly interactive session that left everyone feeling better connected and energised."

Jade Stanley, Global Lead of Heart & Soul at Spotify

"We'd been searching for the right business to support the team with personal growth and therapy as we feel it will have a meaningful impact on their lives - we found that with The Circle Line."

Thang Vo-Ta - Founder, Callaly

"So responsive to our needs... The high quality of their workshops, therapy and the research behind them, make them a really useful tool for the whole team."

Charly Young - CEO, The Girls' Network

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"These guys are great to have. They go the extra mile to ensure that everyone has the support they need and even plug into Slack, becoming part of the furniture. A great resource for our team."

Craig Wills - Founder, Hi Mum Said Dad