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Want to find your flow?

The future of your business depends on your people.

We believe your business is only as good as the people in it.

They have the ideas, do the deals, look after your customers.

Are they ok? Coping or in crisis? Are they getting on? Functioning or in Flow?

Team dynamics are a head-fuck.

Psychology is the invisible force in your business. Whether you acknowledge it or not. Our brains store millions of ingrained beliefs and patterns, only some of which we are aware.

These sublimal signals affect us all the time. Creating a complex web of behaviours in the workplace.

Flow creates success.

Humans move between states: Fight, Flight, Freeze and Flow. Flow is where the magic happens.

Flow is a state of total connection with the present moment.

Being in Flow is like walking the peaks of a stunning mountain range. You feel alive. You feel joy. The storms come but you weather them; you see the dark valleys but you know you can walk through them. It's a powerful state of mind where we're free, safe, open and very productive.

EIQ = Flow.

What triggers you into "Fight"; to want to punch that guy in accounts? Or into Flight, wanting to run a mile from that tricky client? What stops you moving into Flow?

Emotional intelligence is key to understanding ourselves and others. That's what we do.

Individual flow creates team flow.

Flow gives your organisation the edge. When we're in Flow we're open to collaboration, connection and innovation.

We find better solutions faster, with less effort, and have more fun doing it.

Gareth Southgate gets it.

Gareth hired psychologist Pippa. Pippa helped the England team get into Flow. They may not have won but they found their wings for the first time in 55 years.

We work a bit like Pippa. Discover how we do it here.

How's your flow?

For a snippet of insight, select the answer that feels the best fit. These are a few key measures, but remember they don't tell the whole story.

Don't think about it too much... just go with the flow. (And don't worry - your data disappears. No one's looking.)

Growing for Gold at Cutover

At the start of UK lockdown 1.0, Cutover’s CEO, Ky Nichol, and VP People, Alex Duell, got together to answer the question “How do we get ahead of this thing?”.

They called us in and there began a fantastic relationship where we’ve helped grow Cutover’s team as they rapidly grow their business. As Alex says,

“We’ve performed tremendously well throughout the pandemic, successfully raising our Series B funding. More importantly, we’ve seen employee engagement stay consistently high and not encountered significant staff attrition. While we can’t attribute all of this to our People Programs, I’m certain that the strong foundations we’ve put in place have helped massively.”

One of their employees, Jack, valued our partnership so much he blogged about us (twice actually):

“My work life was interrupting my other life. It was to the detriment of my mental health, and I kinda needed to solve this. You may have heard me grass myself up for having a therapist at work. I do. And so what, you should too. Get one.”

For our training and e-learning we use a school of modern psychology called “Transactional Analysis” (TA), mainly for the accessibility of its language. We really like it. Jack does too:

“Once I had been made aware that TA existed it was one of those lightbulb moments you have in the shower and then some… life, if you distill it down, is just a series of transactions.”

TA underpins our expertise - exploring personality, conflict, communication - online and in groups. Groupwork can either be akin to therapy sessions – an incredibly bonding experience for teams – and/or more structured "teaching". Cutover left it to their people to decide; they “didn’t want to choreograph”.

And that's probably why we get on so well. Free thinkers, helping encourage their teams into the space of freedom that is Flow. They certainly seem to be finding theirs.