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Want more confidence, more clarity, more successful relationships?

You’re in the right place. Executives come to us to build their relationship with their self and others - the hidden key to success. How we interact with others and our self guides the course of our business, and our life.

Work and life, when you boil it down, is one giant string of transactions.

Whether you want to be a better leader, partner or visionary, master the art of the transaction and the world is your oyster.

Why people come

Letting go

"I've always struggled to let go; I know I'm a bit of a control freak. I feel like this might be holding our company back. We have a great strategy and product but I get worried about the team making mistakes."

Missing something?

"I'm a happy, positive person but at times I feel maybe I'm missing something. A deeper layer of connection perhaps. I'm curious - perhaps there's more... Could my relationships be better? Who can I be, what could life be like?"


"I've never been 'okay' being alone. I always craved and needed a girlfriend or a partner to calm me and make me feel safe. For the first time in my life, I no longer need this. I am content and happy to be single, and able to calm myself and find peace in being alone."

And the results...


John, 42

"On a scale of 1 to 10, I felt a zero at the start. However, after several sessions, my answer grew to a 4, then 6, and now a resounding 10! I feel so much better and complete. I do still have days which are difficult, but I have tools and processes to lean on when those days happen. I've never been able to sleep through the night until now. Thank you Circle Line for what you do." 

David, 38, Product Manager

"Really useful indeed – we covered a lot of ground! So much to think about.... It’s such a good idea. Really different and really useful." 

Richard, CEO of marketing agency

The experts

Philippa Richardson, Founder of The Circle Line and Transactional Analyst psychotherapist:

"Transactional Analysis ("TA") is psychology's best kept secret. I discovered it when still in my previous career as a marketer, searching for answers. What I discovered changed my life.

TA is your own personal 360 review. A method of psychology that focuses on your relationships and internal dialogues. TA reveals the patterns in life that limit you and your career: your Script, the Games you play, your Drivers.

Why is TA special?

  • It's one of the cornerstones of modern psychology. Empirically-developed over 70 years and internationally recognised.

  • There are only 900 Transactional Analysts in the UK (the TA qualification takes 3 years).

  • The Circle Line is the only digital TA platform in the world.

  • Research shows it works (see here)."

I'm so glad you're here."

There are only 900 qualified Transactional Analysts in the UK and ours is the only TA app in the world.

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Join a community of progressive leaders who recognise that their mindset is their competitive edge. Confidence, clarity and connection with colleagues, clients and yourself are your firepower - start improving them today.

Membership (£150 / year) gives you access to…

Personality profile

Discover your power with the world's only Transactional Analysis app. Unlimited access to uncover your drivers, blockers and blindspots.

Magazine feature

Lead by example. Members are invited to share knowledge with The Circle Line magazine, contributing to the collective wisdom of what makes great culture and leadership.

Exclusive events

Join like-minded leaders in an atmosphere curated for growth and connection. Delve into psychological insights that fuel innovation and success.


1:1 sessions

Work with one of the UK’s elite pool of only 900 Transactional Analysts

1:1 personality profile

Complete face-to-face 360 profiling with a TA practitioner

1:1 Programme

A tailored experience working 1:1 with an Executive Analyst

Group Programme 

A bespoke team process of facilitated group sessions


Add rocket fuel with our immersive workshops & retreats.

Supercharge with 1:1 sessions

PAYG £80 a session

Working with a pro helps you really develop into the most authentic and effective leader you can be.

Hand-picked by us, our select pool of accredited practitioners have trained in Transactional Analysis/psychotherapy for at least 3 years and passed our 3-stage vetting process. This includes being observed live in action. So you know you're in good hands.

How it works

We've carefully crafted a unique process, creating your own personal 360 review.

Learn the secrets

Transactions dictate the course of our life. Everything we say and do after “Hello” is a transaction, whether your next line is “Not bad thanks, you?” or a quiet sigh. We constantly transact with ourself in our minds and with others out in life - our success depends on it.

Our platform shows you the secret principles of how humans work.

Apply to you

Live-chat with a human Transactional Analyst to apply the principles to your unique situations and relationships. Here you start spotting the unhelpful patterns at play in your own life.

Talk to a pro

"If you want to go far, go together". Self-awareness and change require another person as an empathic "mirror", and 1:1 sessions offer a sandbox for practising relating more effectively and meaningfully.

Browse our practitioners or use our online matching tool to find the right professional for you. Then book your 1:1 sessions online and talk on video, as and when you want, in the comfort of your own space.

Immerse yourself

Add rocket fuel to your journey with our interactive webinars, workshops & retreats.

Next webinar: Recognition in the law, 17th May 08.30am BST.

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  • Dealing better with conflict

  • Having more fulfilling relationships

  • Performing better at work

  • Understanding your triggers

  • Managing your stress

  • Being a more effective, empathic leader

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