We believe in navel-gazing.

Our culture is obsessed with doing and succeeding. Yet taking time to reflect, discuss, understand why we do what we do makes success all the quicker, easier and sweeter.

We've used our expertise as therapists to craft a system of e-learning, group training and 1:1 sessions. A system designed to work.

Expertise is king.

The workplace wellbeing wagon is rolling. From content apps to mood trackers to meditation, there's space for us all. Yet to really help people grow we must really understand them.

That's why we offer therapists with years of experience and our platform is based on Transactional Analysis - some of the "the highest quality information and expertise available today".

It's a win-win investment.

You can signpost employees to a charity, put them on a Performance Improvement Plan, or give them a few weeks off.

But optimum mental health and behaviour change require intervention as well as information. Our way, personal growth is a win-win: good for an organisation, as well as good for the employee.

Experience creates powerful learning.

"Experience shapes the brain" - Besel Van Der Kolk, author, researcher, psychiatrist and psychotherapist.

That's why we create them. Every session we provide is an experience, whether 1:1 or as a group.

1 in 3 sick notes are for mental health reasons.

And that was before the pandemic.

What is change if it’s not sustainable?

Humans are creatures of habit. Change requires repetition and relationship. Our system leads to change that sticks.

We don’t serve your business; we’re part of it.

We're not a training provider. We're not an Employee Assistance Programme. We're both. And neither. We're visible. Relateable. A long-term partner, not a long-distance app.

We're friendly humans embedded in the daily life of your business creating direct connections with your team. Visible yet quiet. Open yet discreet.

Square pegs don’t fit in round holes.

Partnering needs a match. The businesses we work with tend to be innovative. They're open enough to talk, wise enough to invest, and brave enough to try something new.

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