Lucky in life

Luck. Synchronicity. They’re great reminders that there’s only so much in life we can control.


Philippa Richardson

Pip is a Transactional Analysis psychotherapist and creates our service. Through her training and life experience - 3 families, 3 continents, 3 careers (law, marketing, psychology) - Pip has come to see how we all write our own life story.

Luck. Synchronicity. They’re great reminders that there’s only so much we can control in life. As much as we humans might like to think we’re in charge, all we can really be in charge of is ourself.

Yet when we align our mind, body and soul, sometimes things fall into sync. Doors open, doors close, a path appears.

This internal alignment involves understanding the past experiences that shaped our brain, our social habits and our defences to figure out our self-defeating patterns. It involves separating our pure beliefs about ourselves, the world and others, from the contaminated ones. And it involves feeling the bottled-up emotions it would've helped to release in the past, but buried at the time. This way, we start taking deep charge of ourselves - putting our aware adult self in the driving seat and steering the innocent “child” in us all (see page 8).

In my experience, when we’re in the process of aligning ourselves in a significant way, going through an inner shift, synchronicities can occur more often or more dramatically. We might see a “sign” or experience a flurry of coincidences. Perhaps the more we get ourselves aligned psychologically the more synchronicity we experience in life? I don’t know.

But I believe synchronicities can offer us something, a door to which we’re being given the key. Humans are meaning-making creatures; we can find meaning in a striking alignment, or render it meaningless. We can ask, what do I wish this coincidence meant? For if we think harder there lies a lesson; the realisation of what we want or need that we’ve been refusing to see or let in.

To me, a stroke of luck or a coincidence simply means “Pay attention!”. How we interpret it gives us whatever it is we need to feed our soul. If “the universe” is saying anything it’s saying “Listen”. We just need to be ready to hear.

Life is full of opportunity. With a bit of luck, and a full 360-degree view of our whole personality, we can seize them. Easy, right? Stick with us.