In the Financial Times

Founder of The Circle Line talks to the FT about businesses embracing psychology at work.


Philippa Richardson

Pip is a Transactional Analysis psychotherapist and creates our service. Through her training and life experience - 3 families, 3 continents, 3 careers (law, marketing, psychology) - Pip has come to see how we all write our own life story.

Talking about corporate psychology services poses an interesting challenge; mindset is so important and impactful to business, and yet explaining why, and why a service is and should be designed a certain way, is complex.

If you don't understand the ethics of mental health services and how therapy works, it can be hard to get your head around. And easy to miss the opportunities to do things more effectively - to save yourself money and get better ROI.

I talked with Emma Jacobs of the Financial Times about this and how to design employee support ethically and effectively.

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