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Charly Young MBE & Becca Dean MBE, Co-Founders of The Girls' Network

Case Study of the partnership between The Circle Line and The Girls Network

By Charly Young MBE, CEO and Co-Founder

31 October 2022.

At The Girls’ Network we really understand the impact of mindset. 

This is probably because we work with girls and young women every day, and see the impact that a mentor can have - not just in sharing knowledge and opening doors, but also in cultivating positive mindsets and the tools to deal with challenging situations. 

So, working with The Circle Line felt like a natural extension of what we believe in: that as well as simply being the right thing to support our staff, investing in our people will help us all understand ourselves and others better, and so ultimately work better together.

Therapy for employees to evolve and grow

Many of our staff have taken up the offer of therapy with The Circle Line. I am delighted to know that so many of the team are choosing to invest time in themselves in this way - learning more about themselves and what makes them tick, seeking support where they need it, and being open and curious about how they might evolve and grow as an individual, and as part of our team. 

Expertise whatever the challenge

One of the great things about The Circle Line is that I know their team are well equipped  to be able to handle both ends of the mental health spectrum - be it self exploration, or building self-confidence, say, to a crisis situation at the deep end.

The Circle Line team are also embedded in our Slack workspace and one of their therapists also delivers group workshops at each of our team away-days, so they’re very visible to the team. This has helped to make the subjects of psychology,  mental health and well-being very normal to us and the conversations that we have. 

Transforming work relationships

The workshops we wanted from The Circle Line have focused on core concepts that are key to collaboration, such as our working styles, communication, patterns of interacting and giving and receiving feedback.

The sessions are a really good balance of input and discussion, and they have a tangible impact - after  one, a line manager described how it had transformed a relationship she had, because they now have a shared language and so understanding about how each work and thrive.

The future need

As time goes on, I think we are only going to see more of a need for human-focused approaches to work and supporting staff. We’re learning so much about psychology all the time: why not use it to help us thrive?

Whilst we see some industries becoming more automated, workplaces will inevitably involve people to a greater or lesser extent - indeed, it’s what makes many organisations as effective and impactful as they are - and as the world becomes more complex, we are going to need to be equipped with the tools and the mindset to navigate.  

Work culture matters now more than ever. 

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