We believe in the human spirit.

In every one of us lies an innate force to evolve for the better.

When this spirit drives our decisions, we live and work better. Success becomes easier, quicker and sweeter.

Mindset matters

This is why The Circle Line team came together.

When founder Pip was a teenager a close relative of hers was taken into a psychiatric ward. When business partner Will was 28 his brother took his own life. Pip and Will had both seen the extremes and it was devastating. After her first degree in psychology, then two decades in law & marketing and her own rock bottom, Pip realised mental health is a moving spectrum. Emotions and thoughts are always at play - and understanding our mind holds enormous potential. So she came full circle back to psychology and created The Circle Line.

We see how the human spirit propels

This is why The Circle Line is a “Teal” company - we do our best to let the spirit of each our colleagues lead, by being self-managed, purpose-led and understanding that our team are whole people with many different facets.

Expertise is king.

We are a collective of highly qualified psychotherapists with years of experience and training. Our expertise in Transactional Analysis - some of the "highest quality information and expertise available today" - is at our core.

Because to really help people grow we must really understand them.

We are for-profit

We aim to make a profit in order to be self-sufficient, to reinvest in our purpose, and to enable external investment if we need it. We invest 10% of our profit into our Full Circle Fund for therapy for ex-offenders and teenagers coming out of social care.

It's a win-win.

Investing in yourself or your employees reaps rewards and creates a ripple effect.

Whether you're a business leader wanting to change the world or an individual wanting more from life, personal development is a win-win investment - good for you, your relationships and your culture.

We work with you hand-in-hand

For individuals, we're a team of expert Transactional Analysts here to supercharge your self-development.

For businesses, we're your boutique training provider, coaching team, and mental health partner; because culture and mindset go hand-in-hand. We're real humans working alongside your team; visible yet discreet, expert yet relateable.

It's all about the fit

We do our best to match you, support you and work with you on your journey. You just need to be open enough to talk, wise enough to invest, and brave enough to try something new.

Our Full Circle Fund

We believe in giving back so we invest 10% of our profit into our Full Circle Fund to fund therapy for ex-offenders and teenagers coming out of social care.

We believe those who've had a tough start deserve a new start. People coming out of institutions are likely to need support for the most successful transition. We help by funding online therapy sessions for ex-offenders and powerful equine therapy and/or transitionary online sessions for teens.

the team