The Circle Line


"We all have tough times
it's part of being human."


It was Christmas 1997 and The Spice Girls were number 1 when a close member of my family was admitted to the psychiatric ward at our local hospital. I was a frightened teenager and didn’t understand any of it, and very little was explained to me.

This was my first exposure to the world of mental health.

I went on to do a degree in psychology, then a career in law & business, then marketing, but finally returned to my passion – to my current professional training as a psychotherapist.

I now see little more important than helping people work on their self. I believe it’s fundamental: all change starts with us as individuals.


It was during a difficult time of my own that I sought out a professional to talk to. From there, I was hooked. I started reading voraciously and learning more and more about psychology: studying relationships, divorce, self-esteem, attachment, Freud and neuroscience, and the impact of childhood.

I’ve worked with different therapists during my life, but in choosing the therapist who helped me turn the biggest corners, I let my emotions guide me. I chose the person I wanted based on my very vague sense of what I needed. I had my share of reluctance – fear, scepticism, and sometimes felt as if there was no way forward, or that I was going backwards, or that everything was taking too long. But I was determined to know and work through what was going on deep-down for me.

I was so interested and getting so much from it that I started training to be a psychotherapist myself.


Our tricky early years deeply affect us all. Through my training I’ve learnt the importance of our childhood years, when we adapt and find ways to cope in our family and situation. These stick with us long after we “grow up”.

Experience, particularly our early ones and those experiences with intense emotions attached, forms our brains “wiring”.  But – crucially – I learnt how the brain is malleable. Our thoughts, feelings and beliefs, and our wiring can be changed.

There is reason for hope. Because what can be learnt can be unlearnt.

Awareness of ourselves is the start of creating the life and relationships we want. The journey can take a few years and may be painful and daunting at times – but it is so worth it.


Back in 1997, when I first encountered this thing called mental health, it was virtually unheard of, let alone spoken of. Therapy, self-care, healing weren’t even a “thing” back then.

But things are changing now. And I started The Circle Line to keep changing them.

I think it’s time for a different conversation. Through therapy we can help others who want to be ok, who want to change their lives too. That’s why I set up The Circle Line; it’s why we exist. 

I believe we can heal ourselves. I believe we decide. For we create our own life story.

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