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Work Wellbeing

Work has the ability to be both enjoyable and excruciating. At its best, our work can provide us with a sense of accomplishment and mastery. A sense of our own capability and of having some impact in the world. Whether that be on an individual or global level, there is a great satisfaction in a feeling of doing something in the world that is worth doing, of a job well done.

How much of your work do you find fulfilling? How much of your day is pure stress, or admin, or headaches dealing with others? How is the balance in your life between work stress and work wellbeing?

Let’s stop for a moment and take a look at a normal day for you and what it typically involves… 

List out your normal working day

Start by making a list of everything you do from waking to falling asleep. Your list may start a little like this:

The middle of a work day might look a little like this: 

Then beside each activity note whether it nourishes or depletes you. The interesting part comes in considering which of our work activities do which. A tense, negative or confrontational meeting with a client might deplete us, whilst a kick-off meeting for an exciting new project might nourish us.

Pleasure, Calmness or Mastery?

Then go back through your list again and note beside each activity that nourishes you what type of nourishment you get – whether it gives you:

Work Wellness

Then review your list as a whole and consider the below:

Can you find ways to add some nourishment e.g. enjoy the pleasure of eating lunch without doing life admin; meditate on the tube; enjoy the exquisite hot water of a shower

Perhaps we can start to build in and develop a sense of mastery into our daily work grind. And perhaps the holy grail is finding something that gives us all three…

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