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Longing for love?

Love can feel hard to find and hard to keep alive. Luckily therapy can help us.
Jake has teamed up with the guys at The Circle Line
bringing you therapy for the 21st century.


Create the love you want

We are the creators of our own love stories.

The good news is that love can be learned; it’s a feeling (and what a great one) but also an action. Here’s how to create love in four easy (hmm…) steps:

But it’s often not quite as easy as reading a few articles. Luckily there is a particular type of professional that will go far in helping you create the love and life you want. A therapist.

Therapists are like the 21st century lifestyle concierge… everyone at the top seems to have one from Bill Clinton to Emma Thompson to J.K. Rowling, as well as just about every New Yorker. There must be something in it… Ready to find out?

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