The Circle Line

The joys
of spring?

Therapy modernised: talk online, wherever and whenever you want.
At £49 a session, it's affordable, flexible and convenient.


So, what's up?

Life can get tough, or perhaps you just want to find a different way to get more from it – either way, talking to a professional can be the start of a new way of life.

Here is therapy modernised. It’s all online – use our matching tool to find the right therapist for you, then book, pay and have video or voice sessions online in our Virtual Therapy Room – wherever and whenever suits you. Now at least support is affordable, convenient and secure, even if modern life isn’t.


50 minute therapy session £49


  1. Step 1

    Find the right therapist

    We start by asking you one simple question - what's up? This will start you on the right path to finding the therapist you need. Use our bespoke matching tool or simply browse all our therapists in your own way - it's up to you.

  2. Step 2

    Choose your practitioner

    Our matching tool will select the top 3 therapists for you based on your answers. Check your therapist's availability and book in a few simple clicks. Our Introductory Sessions allow you to try as many therapists as you like for only £25 per first session.

  3. Step 3

    Head to the Therapy Room

    Once you've found the right therapist for you, sessions take place in our secure online Virtual Therapy Room. All sessions are 50 minutes and you can choose video or voice-only, if you want to stay anonymous.

  4. Step 4

    Book and pay as you go

    Book one session or multiple sessions – it’s up to you. Weekly sessions work well, and we recommend at least 8-12 sessions, but you have complete flexibility. Book more online at any time.

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Now I can have therapy in the comfort of my home without needing to travel. Caylee, private client
A beautiful tech for good project and a game changer in their sector. Fello
I'm so impressed by what you are doing. It's really inspiring. Chekkie K, Psychotherapist
The Circle Line is a great proposition, something well overdue for the industry. Matt, private client
I think The Circle Line will fulfil a need and make psychotherapy more accessible to those to whom face-to-face access can prove either too daunting or too distant David Millar, Senior Lecturer The University of Essex & The Tavistock Clinic

The Circle Line is launching soon! Sign up now and we'll be in touch when we're fully working