The Circle Line

Troubleshooting Video in the Therapy Room


Check 1: Is your browser allowing camera access?

In the top right hand corner of the Therapy Room window, there’s a little camera icon:

If it has a ‘X’ through it, your browser has blocked access to the camera or the microphone. Click the camera icon to allow the browser access:

Check 2: Next, can you see yourself in a small picture in the bottom right hand corner?

If you can, the camera is working, and there is a problem with connecting to the Therapy Room. For this, let’s check your connection (check 5).

If you see something else instead, move on to the next check…

Check 3: Do you see something else in the small picture in the bottom right corner?

You may have two cameras on your computer, and a different one is on! To change it, click on the little camera icon on the top right of the Therapy Room window:

From here, you’ll be able to change which camera the Therapy Room uses. In this example below, there’s only one camera option, but you should see multiple that indicate which direction. You can choose from there which camera our platform uses!

Check 4: Can they see you?

If so, then they are connected to the Therapy Room, but there is some other issue with their system that prevents you from seeing them. Your camera works, so there is not a problem with compatibility. You should also be able to hear them.

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