The Circle Line

How to check your Computer works with our Therapy Room

We have some simple to use tools which will do the work for you.


Check 1: Does your browser support our Therapy Room?

Our online Therapy Room will work with most modern browsers.  We recommend Google Chrome.

We always do a chat using our Therapy Room as a part of the practitioner onboarding to check everything, get our practitioners familiar with the platform, and iron out any issues before their first client session.

The technology we use is a standard part of most browsers, and the easiest way to check is to use this testing tool:

The test tool will ask if it is allowed to access your microphone & camera, which needs your consent. Then, simply press the green ‘Start’ button to start the test.

The tool will check whether your browser is capable of using our Therapy Room and highlight where there might be an issue.

Check 2: Are there errors in the test results?

Basic rule of thumb: green is good, yellow might be a problem, red is definitely a problem!

Here is what the test tool looks like when it has completed its test of your computer and browser:

WebRTC Test Results

There are some warnings (yellow sections) you can safely ignore:

Under ‘Network’, warnings sometimes come up for ‘IpV6’ – this is fine. Checks by ‘Udp Enabled’ and ‘Tcp Enabled’ are the ones you need.

Under ‘Connectivity’, warnings will probably come up for ‘Reflexive Connectivity’ – these are OK to ignore.

If you have any red sections, then there is a problem which will need some action to resolve. Please let us know by emailing us at [email protected] and we will glad to help.

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