The Circle Line

Troubleshooting your Connection or Computer


Check 1: Does your browser support the Therapy Room video and audio?

Our online Therapy Room will work with most modern browsers. We recommend Google Chrome on a desktop computer. 

Here are the browsers we support:

Android: Chrome, Firefox

iOS: Safari

Linux: Chrome, Firefox

macOS: Chrome, Firefox, Safari

Windows: Chrome, Firefox, Edge

We have a simple guide to test your setup, which uses a tool to do the work for you.

Check 2: How fast is your internet connection?

You can run this test to find out how fast your connection is:

If you have less than 1mbs, reach out to us at [email protected], and we’ll give you some guidance. In the meantime, you can still use the audio from the Therapy Room.

Check 3: How stable is your Wifi connection?

In most cases, your home or business will have a box, called a ‘router,’ that is connected to a cable. The router is your link to the Internet. Your computer connects to the router using wireless networking, which is known as ‘Wifi’.

WiFi uses radio signals, and in general, the further you are from your router, the weaker your WiFi signal might be. Weaker signals cannot transmit enough information to allow real-time video technologies to run, which means your Therapy Room connection can be choppy, unreliable, or unavailable entirely.

Simply moving to another room in the house can mean your WiFi signal dropping to 1 bar – the ideal being 3:

Here, my video or audio experience may be glitchy. The technology we use will degrade the quality of video to keep the call connected, as it uses the most data. If the technology still cannot send and receive enough information, it will cut out entirely, or the audio quality will start to suffer.

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