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The client's

People tell us they want a new way to access therapy.
Join our community of forward-thinking practitioners and give them just that.


Join us and expand your practice

Clients tell us of the challenges they face with psychological support. We listened. Our platform offers an innovative, easy to use and flexible option.

If you’re a registered therapist looking to expand your practice, offer different ways of accessing therapy and to benefit from a modern, collaborative and creative network – join us. We’re always open to forward-thinking therapists who are curious about cutting edge developments in mental health and self-development and want to explore new ways to provide effective support.

How it works

Keep your calendar up to date with your latest availability – this is crucial for the system to work

What will it cost me?

The Circle Line is free to join.

We do the marketing, reach the clients and introduce them to you. We operate by sharing a portion of the client’s payment to fund the costs of running the platform – and pass the rest on to you.

And that’s it.

For every voice or video session you do, you receive:
£40 for each 50 minute session
£20 for each 50 minute introduction

What's in it for me?

The Concrete Benefits

The Social Benefits

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to be accredited?


To verify a therapist’s individual qualifications and experience, we rely on all therapist’s being registered with one of the main UK accrediting bodies for counselling or psychotherapy.

Depending on your accrediting body, Registered as well Accredited membership may well be fine (e.g. with BACP), but we cannot currently accept individual, non-practitioner, or student members… (we’re working on that!).

What is the application process?

Step 1: Set up your profile online

• Login and create your personal account online.
• Complete the online application form and upload your photo and qualification and insurance certificates.

Step 2: We verify your accreditation and contact your supervisor

• This ensures that all practitioners who join the community are appropriately qualified and follow a standard ethical framework.
• We check you are currently in regular supervision and request your supervisor confirms that there is no reason you should not start online therapy with us.

Step 3: Complete the matching questions

• This is an important step – the client answers very similar questions and we use them to match you.
• From your Dashboard go to “Browse” then click the “Match Me” button

Step 4: Introduction video call with us

• We speak to all therapists applying to join.
• This gives you the chance to run through the online process before taking your first client, and gives us the chance to get to know you better.
• We will book a slot with you from the availability you enter on your online calendar. You will get an email notification of our call (as you would for a normal client session going forward).

How long does it take?

The verification process usually takes around 3 weeks, depending on how long it takes your supervisor to reply to us.

We’re working as quickly as we can and are always striving to streamline the process. Thank you for your patience as we learn!

How soon will I get clients?

As soon as we verify you and your profile is live you may receive client bookings. This will be slow to start but we expect that you will receive your more clients as we ramp up our marketing, awareness builds and we become increasingly well-known.

Your availability brings clients: clients can find your profile either by (a) using the matching tool, or (b) by browsing – the browse page will list the most available therapists first to give clients the best chance of finding someone.

Any questions?

Contact us any time at [email protected]

About us

We’re a small team of individuals working in London with a passion for understanding and accepting ourselves and helping others do the same.

My name is Pip and I started The Circle Line. When I was 17 a close relative was hospitalised and “diagnosed” with bipolar disorder. It shook our world. Little did I know that nearly 20 years later I’d be experiencing something similar.

One marriage, one divorce, three careers, one breakdown and five therapists later… and I thought if I can help some people also work on their mental wellbeing, then that is a Good Thing.

My psychology degree, career as a lawyer, a (longer) career in marketing, and my own training in and time in psychotherapy, led me to The Circle Line. I knew the power of mindset, that we can experience challenges, and that there are also solutions. But I saw that understanding is sketchy and self-development with a professional isn’t as normal or as accessible as it should be. So much human potential is being wasted. I think it’s time to change the conversation. The Circle Line is my way of trying to do this.

Read more in ‘about us’ – I hope you’ll join us on the journey.

The Circle Line is launching soon! Sign up now and we'll be in touch when we're fully working